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Dice Party - Des Moines

What a great start to the season. First time out on the road this year . From riding through road closed signs and knee deep flooded streets to dancing around a camp fire while trying told the world up with our feet to miraculous 27 minute weld jobs to unexpected wrong turns and hunting for gas. Good pals and great times. The road never ceases to amaze me. It brings triumph along with peril. Happy and Sad, Frustrated and on top of the world! If you ever want to experience life hit the road. It will make a man (or woman) out of you real fast.

The party was great! Kung-Fu Tap and Taco is a real cool place. Pretty bartenders, cold beer and cheap tacos. Think I ate at least10 of them. Nice meeting Jeff Wright and Chopper Dave. Good dudes. Thanks for putting us up. Matt and Dean were in full effect nice to see those chaps. All in all an great night. Drank way too much. Par for the course I guess.

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