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My old car.

This is my old car. I picked it up when I lived in Texas after it sat for about 10 years. I got it going again, sold my daily driver, and drove it back to Wisconsin with everything I owned in it. I loaded it up so much I couldn't see out of any of my windows besides the one my arm was hanging out of and the windshield. It was lowered so much and I had so much shit in it that the rear axle sat on the bump stops the whole way home. Thankfully it was a trooper so I made it home just fine and drove it around Milwaukee for the rest of the year until the winter finally got the best of me. Made it till about February until I got sick of fixing it and I let it sit under a pile of snow until spring. I ended up trading it for a daily driver again and haven't really missed it since. It was fun to have but I think I'll stick to motorcycles.