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Country Mile III

The pot at the end of the rainbow!

Holy Shit!
Oh my god!

Does it stop?

Team A Rules!


I belive Joe was nude at this point

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The Show Down
Wolf Lake
Heading to see the trout
One of the many stops. This one did not require working on a motorcycle!
Start taking note, kid. You are not the only one that can take cool pics.

I dont know where to start. I guess I will let the pics tell the story. Make sure you check out the other blogs for other interpretations on the CMIII. http://www.kemosabeandthelodge.blogspot.com/ http://thedonutthole.blogspot.com/

Check out those Arctic Cat Shades!
The one the only

Action Shot

LSD on Freedom, or Freedom on LSD

Saddling up


  1. Great ride I'll bet. Have not done that bridge in years.

  2. i'm diggin the piss outta those rabbit ear pullbacks.

    how can i get one of them snazzy tee's?

    i don't see anywhere to order one?