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Its been a while!

Big Mountain Run 2009! What a blast. Rode out with Teach, Dan and Tara from the twin cities. 2000 miles in all. The shovel handeled it pretty well. Broke a clutch cable 85 miles out, had to dodge a close call with my tent (locked up the rear wheel at 40 mph, left a nice skid mark). Let me tell you, no clutch up mountain twisties, dense fog at 4 am would not be my most sought after riding conditions. Will sure remember that stretch of road for a long time. Had a blast at the event. Thanks to the Limp Nickie boys for the support. Numbers were perfect, not many Dickheads (besides the guys who stole the beer which gave our crew a bad rep) Shit happens. I will be back next year. The riding is unbelievable! Teach, Dan, Tara and I did 800 miles in one shot on the way home! For a 47', 66' and a 77' that is pretty cool. Will have to do that again somtime. Saw the kid's bike! Holy Shit!

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